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Casual Admissions

All applications for admissions for pupils in Years 8 – 11 received after 1 September and Year 7 received after 1 January should be made directly to the school. The Academy Trust will consider all such applications and if the year group applied for has a place available, admit the child unless one of the permitted reliefs apply. Should a student be considered to be hard to place under Medway’s Fair Access Protocols, the admission request will be referred to Medway to be considered by the Fair Access panel, rather than follow the normal admissions process. Please contact our Admissions Officer if you would like to apply for a place. If there are no places available in the year group then the application will go on our waiting list.


Year 6 into Year 7

The arrangements for coordinated admissions in Medway will be set out in detail in the Medway LA booklet for parents/carers ‘Admission to Secondary School’, a copy of which will be available from the school or from the Admissions Team at Medway LA. The Planned Admission Number (PAN) is 250. Offers of places will be posted to parents/carers by the LA on behalf of the school. Places must first be offered to those children with statements of special education needs where the school is named.

Please click on the link below for our Year 7 Prospectus.

Over-Subscription Criteria

If the number of preferences for The Howard School received via the Medway coordinated scheme is more than the number of places available, places are allocated in the following priority order:

  1. Looked After Children or previously looked after children as defined in the Medway coordinated admission scheme.
  2. At the time of application where a child has a brother/sister including adopted siblings, stepbrother/sister, foster brother/sister and those who live as a brother/sister in the same house currently attending the school and will still be on roll at the time of entry.
  3. Child’s health reasons. Medical evidence must be provided which demonstrates a specific health reason which requires a child to attend the preferred school.
  4. Where the child resides within the access area. Priority given to those nearest the school.
  5. Nearness of child’s home. Distance will be measured by the shortest available safe walking route between home and school as measured by Medway Council’s Geographical Information System.


In the unlikely event that two or more children in all other ways have equal eligibility for the last available place at the school, the names will be issued a number and drawn randomly to decide which child should be given the place.


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