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The Howard School House Championship Mission Statement

The Howard School prides itself on its five Virtues: Pride, Respect, Ambition, Resilience and Integrity. All of our students aspire to achieve and excel with our Virtues at their very core; learning, socialising and competing within the Championship with mutual Respect, Integrity and good sportsmanship.

To foster a community of responsibility, ambition, teamwork and friendly competition, our students and staff are all part of one of our five Houses: Attenborough, Hawking, Pankhurst, Tull and Turing. 

Each year, the five Houses will compete for The Howard School House Championship Trophy by partaking in a variety of different events. The Championship culminates in Festival of Sports, at the end of which, the year’s winner is announced.  

The longest-running event that takes place during terms one to six is the House Points Competition. In any single event, Houses earn Championship Points depending on where they place from 1st to 5th.  At the end of the year, after all, events have taken place, the House with the most Championship Points are crowned Howard School House Champions.  Students earn House Points through positive behaviour, upstanding citizenship, and excellent effort, progress and attainment in lessons. 

The House Championship is a competition based on excellence in all fields. Students of all ages have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of subject events and whole-school competitions. The vast array of academic, physical and creative competitions range from maths problem solving to creative writing to art & photography to music and sports. This provides opportunities for all of our students from all backgrounds to be involved in worthwhile activities that are not necessarily athletic in nature but reflect the values of contemporary society. The Championship allows for a positive impact on individual achievement: allowing students to positively contribute to their House, further develop their progress and attainment in subject areas and make a positive contribution to the wider school community.  

Enhancing equality of opportunity encourages our students to take ownership of their choices and help them realise their full potential further developing their wider skill set as they mature and grow into the next stage of their lives. 

Aims of The House Championship

The House Championship aims to facilitate associations and bonds between students of differing backgrounds and interests and also of those students in different year groups. Inspiring students in this way helps them build a greater sense of allegiance to their peers and as a direct consequence, their House. This collaborative style encourages involvement in competitions from all students developing their social skills, promoting self-esteem and promoting positive interaction throughout the school community. This is done by fostering a sense of House pride: encouraging inclusion, team building and a greater sense of community.  

The House System provides a structure that is designed to help and guide students to function and conduct themselves to the best of their ability in school and within their personal lives. The vast array of opportunities the Championship has to offer enriches our students’ personal lives by developing their sense of, Pride, Resilience, Ambition, Respect and Integrity throughout their school career.

The Championship provides an invaluable opportunity for our students to become the very best versions of themselves; setting them up and instilling within them skills and values that will enable them to follow paths that lead to bright and successful futures in whatever field and area they desire.

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