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Modern Foreign Languages

The purpose of the Modern Foreign Languages curriculum at The Howard School is:

  • to enable our students to become more open to other cultures and significantly broaden their horizons.  In a world that has a greater global significance it is our intention to portray, in every lesson, that the acquisition of a Modern Foreign Language will extend opportunities in the world of work and that the use of competent linguistic skills helps to establish greater international links and intercultural connections
  • to ensure all students gain the opportunity to discover new cultures through consistently well taught lessons that engage, challenge and assesses our students.
  • to enable our students to access a range of grammar, translation and vocabulary learning resources which will then enable learning to take place in the target language outside of the classroom environment.
Modern Foreign Languages


Miss Dinkova Teacher of MFL
Mr Henry Head of MFL
Miss Longaron Teacher of MFL
Ms Schiavetti Teacher of MFL

Learning Journey

French Learning Journey PP

Spanish Learning Journey PP

Courses offered on Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5

Gcse french

Gcse spanish

Reading curriculum

Reading curriculum - French

Reading curriculum - Spanish

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