National GCSE Results 2018 and The Howard

The DfE released provisional information this week showing the national picture around the GCSE results in the summer. Of particular interest to us at The Howard was the national gap between boys and girls, and how our students had achieved compared to boys nationally. It is very pleasing to see that our local and national reputation as a school where results challenge the stereotypical view of underachievement in young men continues, as shown by the information below.


The Howard

Boys Nationally

Progress 8



EBacc Entry

50% 32.8%

It should be noted that the national figures for boys include all boys studying at all the different types of state-funded schools, including grammar and comprehensive, which makes the performance of our students even more impressive.

In addition, they also released information about the performance of selective against non-selective schools. The average Progress 8 score for a non-selective school in a highly selective area like Medway was -0.15 (which includes boys and girls), so Howard students were also ahead in this regard as well.

Below are two excerpts from the full DfE document, which can be found here:

Table 10 1

Table 16 1



National GCSE Results 2018 and The Howard

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