Updated Art and Photography GCSE Exam Information

You will be aware that the Art and Photography GCSE Exams begin immediately after the Easter Break, which is worth 40% towards a student's final grade.  

Students should be preparing for their exam by producing drawings/ taking photographs and creating compositional plans to take into the exam.  The preparation element is extremely important and has a significant impact on final grades.

Fine Art GCSE Exam dates

30th April, 1st & 2nd May - 11F/Art- Mrs Williams

30th April, 1st & 2nd May-11E/Art - Ms Jones- dates have recently changed.

7th, 8th &9th May-11C/Art - Ms Barnes

8th, 9th & 10th May- 11D/Art - Ms Neech

Photography GCSE Exam dates

24th & 25th April- 11E/Po - Ms Bassant

7th & 8th May - 11G/Po - Ms Bassant

1st& 2nd May-11D/Po - Ms Brown

The Easter booster session is an ideal opportunity for students to ‘plan out’ their final piece(s) and complete preparation work with the support of their teacher.  This will obviously help the students to start their exam by being fully organised and prepared. Students must bring their completed preparation work with them at the start of the exam.

Coursework for Art and Photography is worth 60% towards their final grade, this has to be completed by 4pm on Friday 10th May.

The Art Department.

Updated Art and Photography GCSE Exam Information

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