Outcome of Consultation

Thank you to those parents and carers who contributed to the consultation, either via email or by attending the meeting. While there were a limited number who participated, you will have asked questions that others will have been thinking and as agreed there is now a full list of questions and answers from both the emails received and those asked at the meeting below. The reason for holding the consultation as early as we have is that if the changes were agreed we would be able to give you as much notice of the changes as possible. Following all the feedback from all the groups (students, staff, parents/carers) the governors have met and decided unanimously to adopt the changes from September 2017. So in addition to the Q&A, there are also details of the term dates for next academic year and the agreed timings of the school days below. I must stress again that the whole rationale for making these changes is to improve the school still further from where it is now, and that the number of school days across the year and teaching time across the week remain unchanged. There will also be the opportunity for all groups, including parents/carers, to provide feedback on their views and experiences of the new routine in February 2018.

Consultation Parent/Carer Q&A

Term Dates 2017-18

Timings of School Day from September 2017

Outcome of Consultation

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