Year 12 Work Experience

For the first time, Year 12 have participated in one week of work experience and it has been an incredible success. The students have actively embraced the opportunities given to them directly or through the MEBP to join local companies such as National Grid, Kreston Reeves and Barclays Bank. Some students also travelled further afield spending a week working at A View from The Shard and St Thomas’s Hospital. The quality of the placements secured have not only allowed the students to explore certain fields of work they are interested in, but also build on their transferrable work skills.

We have received extremely positive comments from students and the placements they visited. The feedback has included that the students have had a ‘very successful placement’ and that the student was ‘of a high calibre’. Another placement stated that the student has been ‘very proactive and it has been a pleasure to have him working for us’.

The employers thanked the school for taking the time to call or visit to thank them for their support of the work experience scheme and to see how our students were getting on. They really appreciated our time and the students liked hearing the employers praise them to us.

Many students have also spoken about having a great week of learning new skills with some going for their Excellence Awards so are in the process of writing their reports. 

Year 12 Work Experience

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