Sixth Form

Dress Code and Expectations

Here at The Howard Sixth Form we have clear expectations on how our students dress. We are mindful that we are located in an all-boys school, that our sixth form students are positive role models for younger students and that at times our students represent us. The Sixth Form dress code is "smart office wear". We believe that this not only prepares students for their studies but also for life beyond school. We have produced a guide of what we mean by "smart office wear" and expect students to follow it. If you are unsure on anything, ask your form tutor or a member of the pastoral team.

Please click on the link below for full dress code.

The Howard School Dress Code

In addition to dress, we have high expectations of other learning behaviours in The Howard Sixth form and require students to meet these.

  • Always wear your lanyard ID and ensure it is visible. This is to ensure staff are aware who our young adults are.
  • Supervised study periods are like any other timetabled lesson. You register for the period and are expected to work conscientiously within the Sixth Form Block.
  • You are not permitted to leave the school grounds during lesson times.
  • Independent study is to be completed to the best of your ability and handed in on time. If there is an issue regarding this, you should seek advice from your subject tutor immediately.
  • Smoking is banned at all times on school premises and when walking/travelling to or from school. Offenders risk serious consequences if discovered, in view of the risk of damage to property, to individual health and to the health of others.
  • We recognise the need for you to earn your own money and the educational experience that such jobs provide can be valuable. You should, however, think carefully about commitments which are going to encroach upon your study time outside school.

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