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Severe Weather

Severe Weather Arrangements

The Howard School is committed to ensuring that all our students are able to maximise their potential.  We therefore aim to remain open during inclement weather, balancing the risks from lower supervision, disrupted journeys, or minor injury, against disruption to our students’ learning. We rely on our parents/carers to make appropriate decisions about students’ safety when travelling during periods of inclement weather.

In the rare circumstances that it becomes necessary to close the school due to severe weather, the decision will not be taken lightly.  The decision to close the school will be based on the fact that students or staff would face significant risk of injury.

When exceptional weather is expected the following guidelines should be noted:


If the school is to be closed due to severe weather before students arrive at the beginning of the school day, an alert will be posted on the school website by 6.45am. We will also update our Twitter feed (@SchoolHoward), and try to inform local radio stations.

If weather conditions deteriorate whilst the school is in session we will endeavour to contact parents to inform them of the situation.  Students will be kept fully informed of the decision and guidance given as to the next steps.


Students should wear appropriate clothing, taking into account the type of weather, including a hat, gloves and suitable coat, as necessary.  Suitable footwear to cope with the weather may be necessary, but school shoes should be worn upon entry to the school building.


Parents are advised to check transportation information if their son/daughter travels by public transport.  If the school is open and your son/daughter cannot get in due to the weather, parents should telephone the school to report this absence.

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