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Appeals for Year 7 Academic Year 2020-21

Appeals for Year 7 – Academic Year 2020/2021

29th March 2020 is the date when all appeals should be submitted to The Howard School if you would like to apply for a place rather than take up the school that you have been allocated.

You should have been provided with an appeal form with your letter from Medway Council offering a school place, which you must complete and return to this school. If you do not have the form, you can request one from Medway Council or from this school.

Timetable for Appeals.

Your appeal request should state your reasons for your request and any additional information/documentation/appendices should be submitted five days before the Hearing to allow time for it to be copied and distributed to all the interested parties. At least 10 working days before your appeal, unless you choose to waive this right, you will be sent detailed information regarding the process and also the date, time, place and names of the independent panel members who will hear the appeal.

The school is unable to guarantee that any original work/evidence/folders, submitted as part of the appeal, will be returned. Appellants may wish to submit copies in advance and then take important original documents verifying evidence to the appeal. 

​If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the school on 01634 388765.

Dates for appeals 8th and 9th June


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