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Chartered College of Teaching: Medway Network

The Howard School is proud to be the base of the Medway Network for the Chartered College of Teaching, being part of the founding group of Chartered College networks. This network programme will help the Chartered College to build up the professional knowledge base of teaching and provide centres to bring together members to work on issues of direct concern to classroom practice, wherever they are located and whatever their setting, interests and experience.

Dame Alison Peacock, Chief Executive, Chartered College of Teaching, says, ‘A key element of the Chartered College’s mission is to support teachers in engaging with research evidence. Our network programme has been carefully designed to offer flexible, high quality opportunities to ensure that as many teachers as possible can enjoy access to professional collaboration and development.’

The Chartered College network programme includes a broad range of stimulating face-to-face events and online forums. There are three types of network: local, thematic and hub networks, and these differ in scale, focus and the types of opportunities they will be presenting. Local networks are mainly school-based and, as the name suggests, they will be working within a specific location, allowing teachers to hone in on issues that reflect their particular communities and settings. Thematic networks are more diverse in format and focus: some are organised in collaboration with subject associations whilst others explore aspects of practice such as inclusion and early years education with the support of expert organisations and experienced practitioners. Hub networks are bases for larger-scale events and activities, supporting collaborative knowledge-sharing via groups of schools, universities and other educational organisations across the country.

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