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Conference 2018

The Medway Network of the Chartered College of Teaching

The Inaugural Conference 2018

12 July 2018 Registration: 9am; Start: 9.30am – Finish: 15.30pm

Culture – Wellbeing – Workload

School culture encompasses beliefs, perceptions, relationships and attitudes that shape and influence every aspect of school life. But it also includes more concrete issues such as the physical and emotional safety of pupils, marking and assessment and how a school embraces and celebrates cultural diversity.

The Inaugural Conference creates an opportunity for Senior and Middle Leaders, Governors and all those who want to strengthen the culture within our schools, to focus on the wellbeing of staff, children and young people. Its aim is to build a local collaboration, bringing together expertise, to create schools conducive to professional development, fulfillment and wellbeing.


Key Speakers

Sean Harford, Ofsted’s National Director, Education @HarfordSean

Key note title: ‘Ofsted updates including curriculum’.

Sean Harford became Ofsted's National Director, Education in September 2015. He oversees Ofsted’s inspection policy for early years, maintained, independent and unregistered schools, and further education and skills. Since joining Ofsted as one of Her Majesty's Inspectors in 2003 he has worked in the School Improvement Division, School Inspection Policy and he led on organisational restructuring in 2009. Prior to taking on his current role, Sean was the Regional Director for the East of England and National Director, Schools. He has led section 5 and section 8 inspections of schools in the primary and secondary phases, also specialising in the monitoring of schools in categories of concern. His particular area of subject expertise is in science.

Prior to joining Ofsted, Sean held teaching and senior leadership posts in maintained secondary schools. While teaching, he also had a role as the associate adviser for science for a local authority.


Clare Sealy, Primary Headteacher in Bethnal Green @ClareSealy


Tom Sherrington, Education Consultant - teaching, curriculum, assessment, author of ‘The Learning Rainforest’ @teacherhead



Mental Health - Where's the hope? - Mike Armiger, Teacher, Trainer - mental health, trauma, fostering, behaviour @MikeArmiger

In the difficult circumstances and times we find ourselves in this workshop will strive to humanise mental health and find the hope. There is so much guidance, many demands, limited resources and often complex circumstances with regards to mental health in our schools. Let's strip it back, reclaim titles and definitions and focus on keeping people well.

- Mental health myth busters

- Shared language

- Equal investment in both staff & students

- Wellbeing agendas


‘Why Mark?  An Action Research Project’– Mark McDowell, Head of English, Rainham Mark Grammar School @markmcdowell

This workshop explores the issues of marking workload.  Building on recent research in this area, I explore how different approaches to feedback can have more impact, reduce workload and develop pupil progress.  I will share my findings on the topic from a research task completed within the English department.  I will also share how I applied ideas formulated by reading ‘Making Good Progress?’ by Daisy Christodoulou, ‘Embedding Formative Assessment’ by Dylan William and observations on a visit to the Michaela School. 

This will conclude with a discussion about marking policies in your school and how you can make a feedback policy that focuses on ‘Responsive Teaching’ (Dylan William) and students taking ownership of their progress. 

Workload for Early Career Teachers and NQTs – Michael Green, Head of Strategic Partnership, Greenwich University @UoGPartnership