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Conference 2019

The Medway Network of the Chartered College of Teaching

The Second Annual Conference 2019

12 July 2018 Registration: 8.50am; Start: 9.20am – Finish: 16.00pm

The Curriculum

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Christine Counsell (Director of Education at Inspiration Trust) writes in her blog
that ‘curriculum’ derives from the Latin ‘currere’ meaning a race or a course on
which a race is run. The Latin verb ‘currere’ means to ‘run’ or ‘proceed’. The word
is replete with a sense of movement.’ There are three reasons why Christine
Counsell highlights its meaning. ‘First, it underlines the importance of the
journey: to take a short-cut would be to miss the point. The specified ground must
be conquered or the race can be neither run nor won. All the running matters. If we
tell the runners to practise only the final sprint, we not only miss the point of the
whole race, we miss opportunity for many more runners to finish and finish well.
Second, it reminds us that curriculum is not a mere aggregate of things. Its
temporal character is a key property. Curriculum is content structured over time.
Third, it points to the curriculum as continuous. Not just a sequence or a
chronology, it’s much more like a narrative. Curriculum is content structured as
narrative over time.’

HMCI Amanda Spielman states that ‘the vast, accumulated wealth of human
knowledge, and what we choose to pass on to the next generation through
teaching in our schools (curriculum) must be at the heart of education,’

The Second Annual Conference of The Medway Network aims to explore this
narrative and the experience that is created by it for the children and young people
in our schools. The Conference aims to create an opportunity for Senior and Middle
Leaders and Governors to strengthen the quality of learning for children and young
people. Its aim is to build a local collaboration, bringing together expertise, to
create schools conducive to professional development and rich narrative of

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Key Speakers

Tim Oates CBE, Group Director of Assessment Research and Development at Cambridge Assessment

Title: ‘Why the curriculum is a hot topic around the world - implications for schools in England'

Mary Myatt, Education adviser, writer and speaker

Title: 'Curriculum: controversies, concepts and conversations'

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