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Parents guide to Google classroom



Email Address Format: Email addresses start with the year the student joined the school followed by their surname and first initial.

For example, a student who started school in 2017 would have the following format:


Passwords have been provided to students. In the event that an account cannot be accessed please email and we will reset the password for you.

Completing an assignment in Google classroom

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Accessing Google classroom via Mobile device

How to use consoles to access GC

Virtual Learning resource Links

The Day - News to open minds:

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Websites to support Home learning
Link to Google Classroom
Link to shared google drive

Link to 10 Top Tips to encourage children to read

BBC Bitesize - Daily lessons

Home Learning Resources List for Schools and Families
Free SEND resources for families and schools


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) 

Q: I don't know how to login/ I have forgotten the login password for my school email address-what do I do?

A: Please send an email to requesting to reset the password.

Q: I have  images that i need to submit for my assignment. Can i upload it in Google classroom?

A: Google has a limit of 20 documents per upload. Recommended option would be to use a google product like Google slide or Google doc to add your pictures and upload it as a single document. To upload pictures in your document, click insert ->images-> upload from my computer.

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